The Mixed-Race Nation


This film is about the different experiences faced by mixed-race people of Black and Caucasian heritage in Britain. Using inspiration from the film Just black? : Multi-racial Identity (1992) I have created a film that speaks to us as British mixed-race people as opposed to the American perspective on race that Just black displays. The film aims to address everyday experiences both positive and challenging about the lives of mixed-race Britons. These issues are compared and contrasted between 3 generations of men and women.

The aim of the film is to raise awareness of the issues that some mixed-race people face , in order to give people a broader understanding of what it's like to be mixed-race and British. For this film, I have chosen to interview mixed-race people with Black heritage in order to for each testimony to be comparable. 

This piece is also for people who also identify as mixed-race to relate to and identify with- ultimately creating a safe space to come to terms with these feelings and almost have an open dialogue with the themes self-acceptance and societal acceptance.

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